An elephant, Obi-Wan-Kenobi and Jonny Cash walk into a carpark…

…great, now that we’ve got your attention, we’re hoping you can help us with a job we're trying to fill. 

We’re BurgerFuel, a global gourmet burger brand born in New Zealand, serving up fresh, natural, delicious good times in an atmosphere as charged as our food. We’ve got stores almost everywhere, but especially here in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis where we’re about to swing open the doors of our first USA based restaurant – burgers blazing, engines revving, music pumping, it’s crazy times!

Here’s where you come in. We’re on the hunt for a team of not-so-ordinary car parking attendants, to work in our not-so-ordinary car park, for our not so ordinary brand. It’s hard to fit everything that BurgerFuel is all about into one little job advertisement, but we can tell you this:

We live life at full throttle and do everything with pure, unadulterated, unbridled passion. If it’s fun, fast and loud, we’re into it. Unique or innovative? We’re all over it. Rules? Made to be broken - and no matter what we’re doing, we do it well and make sure we have a damn good time too.

We like to call it ‘the BurgerFuel way’ which is why we’re looking for car parking attendants who think the same way we do, and who can bring a little more x-factor to the tarmac.

As a BurgerFuel Parking Wrangler, you’ll not only fulfil all the normal duties, you’ll be acting as a brand ambassador. This means you’ll need to have great energy, an exceptional attitude, and your organizational skills will need to be more on point than an amateur e-book about time management.

Experience is cool, but enthusiasm trumps everything with this role - and most importantly, you’ll need to be prepared to immerse yourself in the unique BurgerFuel culture. This is a role that you can bring your own personality to – in fact, we’d celebrate that!

If this sounds like it’s up your alley, and you're keen to become part of the BurgerFuel movement, please send your resumè to iwantowork@burgerfuel.com

To learn more about us, head to www.burgerfuel.com


Do you want to make history and become part of BurgerFuel's first USA team?

To apply for this role, email your resume to: