The Bastard

100% pure grass fed NZ beef, melted cheddar, raw grated beetroot with chia seeds, pineapple, avocado, bacon, salad, relish and BurgerFuel Aioli

Like a fine single malt whiskey, every now and then we have to put a “The” in front of it- and it takes certain qualities to take a guy like this down because if you’re not ready, it’s like a punch in the face with a fistful of flavour.

This is not a burger to take Holly-go-lightly and it’s certainly not for your faint-hearted, breakfast epiphanies (as inspirational as they may be). This is the real deal burger of the completely audacious variety and if you feel a little nervous; you’re not alone. The BurgerFuel Bastard contains 100% pure grass fed NZ beef goodness, ‘smashed juicy’ fresh to order, with juicy pineapple, tasty bacon, raw grated beetroot with chia seeds, natural, melted cheddar, fresh free range BurgerFuel Aioli, smashed avocado, batch-made sweet tomato relish and handmade salad. 

Ingredients = many, good times = plenty. 

The Bastard - 100% pure grass fed NZ beef, ‘smashed juicy’ for the ultimate hardcore burger fix.

Please note: Smashed avocado contains onion, salt, garlic, and pepper

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