Bacon Backfire

Grilled free range chicken breast, tasty bacon, melted brie, salad, relish, and free range BurgerFuel Aioli

A lot of people get stuck on this burger, as in, it's packed full of so much om and nom, it's like the Cookie Monster after his first cookie... heck, his name just used to be "Monster". Many people have this burger and just feel no need to experiment or eat any other burger ever again, it's that good. So try some other guys first, give them a chance. This is the perfect combination of char-grilled chicken breast, bacon and the clincher... brie cheese. Brie is this stupidly addictive soft, creamy French style of cheese that melts in your burger, coating the inner sanctum with some sort of silky angel sauce. The same as camembert, you say? Camembert originates from Normandy, "Brie" cheese, however, originates from Champagne. Case closed, this is not a ninjas vs. pirates type situation, no further discussion is required, thank you very much. 

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