Combustion Tofu

Organic tofu, teriyaki sauce, smashed avocado, peanut sauce, salad, relish and BurgerFuel Aioli on a smaller bun (Vegan option - remove aioli)

The Combustion Tofu was inspired by the long hot summers we spent on the coast in our treasured 1974 VW Kombi. This was pre-BurgerFuel so life was easy, dreams were free and our pants were made of brown corduroy and smelled a little bit like weird incense. We met some travelling vegetarians and in between free love, yoga and braiding each other’s hair, they showed us the vege way of life. The Combustion Tofu doesn’t smell weird though – it’s a beautiful creation, served on a smaller bun packed with velvety organic tofu (made from soybeans grown to the sound of pre-recorded motivational quotes), teriyaki sauce, smashed avocado and a peanut sauce that will knock your socks off (because we know that our vege loving friends aren’t all hippies these days and you're probabably wearing shoes). What are we even trying to say? We’re not quite sure, but we reckon this protein packed vegetarian delight will impress even the most passionate carnivores.

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