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Beach Hop 2017

Posted by BurgerFuel

The Beach Hop is New Zealand’s number 1 Nostalgia Festival that celebrates the best of the 50’s & 60’s, with the event running from Wednesday March 22nd to Sunday March 26th in the stunning Whangamata on the Coromandel Peninsula, North Island, New Zealand.

Last Friday we saw our self-confessed petrol heads Vika and Kate sneaking out of the office at lunchtime from BurgerFuel HQ as they headed down to the Hop in our 1964 Buick Riviera. They wrote a short blurb below to tell us how it went:

“The cruise down was a breeze after the old girl had a rebuild at Fuel Conversions and Automotive Repairs in Mt Eden.

Also a big thanks to the guys from Rapid Radio for the new Zeroflex Clarion sound system, we definitely made use of it with the windows down, breeze in the hair, music up!

Once in the Whangamata Township we were in heaven hitting the bumper to bumper car candy! Later at the campsite, we set up our area and watched the sun set on the beach, then headed out for a cruise to hand out free fry vouchers into welcoming hands on the sidewalks.

Thankfully the rain stayed away while thousands of participants and spectators, in vehicles worth many millions of dollars collectively, poured into Whangamata for the annual event, boosting the permanent population of about 3,500 to an estimated crazy 110,000 plus! Locals took the time to talk to the owners who have spent hours - and sometimes years building their dream machines and participants dressed up, enjoyed the live music and admired the stunning mix of vehicles. 

All the way down there and back home the small banter and waves along the way definitely made it an enjoyable trip!

We can't wait until next year!”