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Lockdown Residency 2020

Posted by Creative, Sweet

With New Zealand's lockdown in full effect, we talk to some of our creative Friends of the Fuel to find out how they have been occupying their time during the COVID19 global epidemic. 

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Isolation-creation? Would be a great time to smash out some art huh…. buuuut for me other jobs have taken most of my spare time haha. I'm lucky enough to have a full-time graphic job still, which I’m very grateful/lucky to have. It has meant time for selfish art has been limited. I've had a few opportunities to work on some “I’ll finish that drawing later’  which has been great. My car/flat/gardens have never looked so good, things that I normally wouldn’t find time for now have an opening.

A sick Bali demon mask is in the works which I sketched after travelling there last year in October, which I'm excited to finish up.

Thinking of all those impacted by this virus but excited to see all the art coming out of everyone's isolation stations.


I'm spending isolation up at my partners parents farm, located between Waihi Beach and Katikati. I feel pretty lucky having plenty of space to go for walks, horse rides and I'm utilising the swimming hole for those lazy afternoon dips.

I brought all my art gear with me so I've been keeping myself busy painting, drawing and exploring ideas I've stored away for a rainy day or that magical time once you've caught up on all the freelance work which never seems to come around. 

Today I focused on my website, finishing my about and services page which I've been putting off. In between brain farts and waiting for coats of paint to dry I've also been getting into gardening, cooking and baking, gathering most of my ingredients off the farm which is definitely satisfying.

The simplicity of life up here is bliss, I think these days we over complicate things and we need to get back to basics.

Stay positive, keep that creativity and productivity flowing. 

Remember we are healing our planet right now.


As a creative, I’ve been doing more than ever and really trying to utilise this time as much as I can. When everyone was panic buying toilet paper and hand sanitizer, my partner and I were makeing sure we had enough art supplies to see us through and stocking up or getting things for a project we would finally have time for.

It has been pretty sweet knowing that I can do it all in my own time and not have to schedule it around work and life in general. Sometimes trying to push my creativity with these outside elements can be super restricting for time, commitment and brain power if I’m tired or stressed. I noticed it especially with a SWIDT piece I made, as soon as Boomer messaged me about it, the idea banged and snow balled real quick and within a few days I had produced the final piece. As rough as it sounds, it’s a bit like a funeral, where you find yourself reconnecting with loved ones. Sometimes it takes a shitty situation to make things happen.


The last year and a bit, my creative drive has been weaker than ever, due to recovering from some huge hurdles, having only produced 2 paintings outside of designing tattoos. But the combination of a huge step on the horizon for my career and this lockdown providing time away from compulsory creations for my work, I have found that part of myself when I wake up excited to create without the deadlines or lack of energy usually used for every other aspect of my life. Just a pity I didn’t have the time to go and stock up on art supplies before the lockdown as I was already in self isolation.


I feel like I have more on my mind now than I did a few weeks ago, but yet more relaxed than ever. I actually quit my job a couple of weeks before the lockdown, so I’ve been using this time to sort out which direction I want to head and how. It’s been really nice to create without the pressure of it being for anyone but me. I see a lot of people pressuring themselves to achieve great things in this time, but I don’t think that’s the right approach. Just let things flow and see where your inspiration takes you. If it’s a month of rest, then that’s exactly what you needed.


It’s an interesting feeling to have a break from your life, like you’re popping it in the closet and trying on a new one for a month or so. Seeing and feeling the impact it is having already, I’m aware that I’m privileged being able to be in lockdown and want to make the most of it. I mean it’s not every day you can have no distractions except how many meals you’re gonna smash.

I find that when I’m excelling in some areas I’m awful in others. My job makes my body feel like The Hunchback of Notre-Dame with a broken neck but overall it’s mentally draining more to me. Not only are you trying not to ruin a life when you’re creating permanent artwork, but you’re constantly problem solving to create what you planned. Like all artwork in any medium, rarely it goes exactly to plan. Knowing how to adapt in those situations has also made me more adaptable in other situations in my life. Maybe making it easier for me to move into enjoying this time period.

Thanks to our Creative, Sweet Friends of the Fuel for sharing what they’ve been up to during their Lockdown Residency.

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