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Northern Bass 2018/19 Wrap Up

Posted by Eleanor Newnham


From garden games with the crowds to watching Shapeshifter side of stage - NB 2018/19 delivered good vibes and better beats. We can't truly pick a favorite moment, so we collated some of the top picks.

Backstage Burgers

We had another container kitchen sitting backstage this year just so we could get the freshest of burgers to the ones that keep the festival going - the artists. We got to cook for Pendulum and all their staff, the head honchos of the festival, and all the acts that came in between. We brought along some classic arcade games, so (duh) we took advantage and got super good at cooking with one hand and playing Street Fighter with the other. We've already got our ideas for 2019 to make it bigger and better.

Action Bronson's Burger

After his set on Dec 30th, we knew the man himself would need a feed. From our kitchen backstage, Damo did a damn fine job cooking up a specialty burger that is very much not on the menu but used all of our kick ass ingredients found in our burgers. Action Bronson's the man behind the US food documentary show F*ck That's Delicious... So we were obviously stoked when he loved it, hello newfound BurgerFuel aioli addict

Container Games

Being right by mainstage meant two things: one, we got to work without having to leave the music. Two, we had a blast with everyone that came over and hung out with us to play some Cornhole and chill in the shade of the kitchen. (Cornhole = a classic American game, best served with our classic American Muscle).

Side of stage staff dance off

When we were getting ready for the festival, we were told there's a possibility we'd be able to watch a performance from the side of stage...but definitely no promises, so definitely don't get your hopes up. You can imagine how fizzed we were when we got to watch the legends Yoko-Zuna perform their set from there in the heat of the arvo on NYE. We decided to celebrate the brilliant day by throwing a couple dozen burgers into the crowd afterward, just because we could.

Early Hours of 2019 = Perfect time for an American Muscle

Who knew so many people at this festival would start the year with a burger in hand? We sold out by 1 in the morning - thank you to everyone who came, ate, and danced with us in our little but bright purple corner.

Side note: Have you heard of Kartents

We camped in cardboard tents. Yes, tents made out of boxes, it was like we were 5 again and mum just bought a new appliance of some description, only this time it was bigger, sturdier and could fit a bed inside of it = dream. Highly recommend, primarily because we didn't have to pack them down in the early hours of the 1st, or fill up a landfill with discarded tents, these bad boys get recycled. #Enviro-mental