The 5 BurgerFuel innovations you can't live without!

Posted by BurgerFuel

1. The Doofer

The Doofer is case and point a brainchild of a what would MacGyver do?  moment. Prior to its existence, life was tough. Days were filled with constant burger mishaps where you would end up wearing more of your delicious gourmet burger than you managed to eat; the fruitless attempts to lick your elbow clean of runaway juices; or the ill-fated burger slippage (where ya buns don’t want to be friends and head their separate ways).

The Doofer story begins back in the day when a BurgerFuel maniac drove his 1982 Honda Civic up and down the length of New Zealand in search of a solution. Using a selection of napkins and office stationery, the first Doofer was born. Fast forward to 2014 and enter the BurgerFuel Doofer you know and love – a world first, magic piece of burger holding, folding cardboard genius that reduces the juices, holds ya buns together and makes gourmet burger eating all the more sweeter.

Honourable mention goes to the BurgerFuel Doofer dispenser (aka the suctioning-Doofer-picker-upper-thing, as we’ve heard it lovingly referred to). Inspired by the pistons of a car, this bad boy stores the Doofers, picks them up and hands them to you, prevents the cardboard carnage and let’s face it, is pretty damn fun to use.

Read more about the Doofer here. 

2. Smashed Juicy

We love a great beef burger (obviously) and we're really into putting the best fuel in our tanks, which is why we've always served 100% pure, grass fed beef. But why stop there?

After many hours of testing and trialling, our BurgerFuel Secret Ideas Kitchen have come up with a BurgerFuel world first - a fresh new way to cook our beef that locks in the juices for that hardcore burger fix - we call it ‘Smashed juicy’.

We cut our beef thick and then use the smashed juicy method to caramelise the edges of the beef right at the start of the cooking process, locking in all the delicious flavours to create a crispy-on-the-outside, juicy-on-the-inside, max flavour experience. 

To read more about smashed juicy, click here. 

3. Radio BurgerFuel

Broadcasting live, online and around the world from our custom-crafted radio studio right here at BurgerFuel HQ, Radio BurgerFuel is responsible for serving up the epic in-store, ad-free beats alongside your gourmet burgers.

Not only that, but Radio BurgerFuel hosts a selection of guest mixes from local DJ’s, as well as interviews with artists from around the world (Souls of Mischief or Fat Freddy’s Drop anyone?) and let’s not forget Friday Night Bites, the ultimate compilation of burgers, beats and beers under one roof.

Listen to Radio BurgerFuel here. 

4. BurgerFuel Aioli

Our world-famous and highly addictive natural, free range BurgerFuel Aioli is another iconic BurgerFuel innovation, made fresh and loved around the world. Your passion for Aioli is undeniable and by the Reddit forums or the numerous emails requesting we sell it by the jar, we can tell that you love BurgerFuel Aioli just as much as we do.  

The BurgerFuel kitchen spent many a day tinkering away to perfect the recipe which is kept closely guarded under lock and key. Fun fact, we still use Chris Mason’s 1995 original recipe to this day.

5 & 6.

Ok, so we really have 6 favourites, so we’re combining this last one.  

Billboard beanbags. These comfy cushions of goodness are created using repurposed billboard skins. Once we’ve finished with our billboards, rather than wasting them (we’re all about helping the environment where we can), we get them fashioned into chic BurgerFuel bean bags. You can spot these at some of our local events and activations or inside BurgerFuel HQ.

Spark Plug Lights. Car culture is in our DNA and if you take a look at our stores, you’ll see many car-inspired features in the store design. Look above you and you’ll spot our unique chandelier, created entirely from spark plugs.