Speed and Custom

Chrome Expression Session

Chrome Expression Sessions didn't disappoint for the second year in a row. It is an amazing event, and I think the only of its kind in NZ where car enthusiasts come together as one and are able to cruise / race their road cars against mates within the safety of Hampton Downs Race Track. It didn't matter if your a V8, Rotary, Japa, new school or old skool lover, fun was being had by all, young and old. To add to the excitement, there was skid pan sessions and a pro drifting session as well. We all know a bit of drifting never goes a miss at any event these days. While the Burgerfuel 350z was only on display this day, my son Carter was loving hanging out in the driver's seat. (Im sure it won't be long before he'll be asking me to drive) It was awesome to see fellow drifter Fanga Dan letting his mrs take the Century Batteries Commodore for a cruise as well. We will definitely be back next year, and this time hitting the track. Photocredit: Speedhunters & Motorhood