Posted by BurgerFuel

CRUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE...So good your Gran will throw in the towel

In the blue corner we have the forever sweet, permed to perfection, cheek pinching, baking champion of the world – your Gran. She’s got George Foreman and his too-chill reducing grill in support and her classic, family-fave Apple Crumble recipe ready to rumble. 

Introducing Crumble in the Jungle. Our brand-new winter warming limited edition dessert. With spiced apple bites beaten through BurgerFuel’s all-natural WHIP, this dessert is topped with heart stopping crunchy crumble and it is so good your Gran will throw in the towel. 

Crumble in the Jungle, better than what your grandma makes, but don’t tell her we said that, we still want that $5 at Christmas and all the other sweet, sweet goods.