Hello Bacon BackFRYER!

Posted by BurgerFuel

To the 10% of you who voted ‘hell no, don’t put fried chicken in the Bacon Backfire’ on our Instagram poll,  avert your eyes because shit’s about to get reeeeeeal crispy, real fast.

Bucking the age-old trend of sequels that are averagely interesting and mildly annoying at best (we’re looking at you Speed 2: Cruise Control), we promise that our brand new remake, - the Bacon BackFRYER - is anything but.

This BurgerFuel cult classic with a twist features all the highlights from the original Backfire with the crunchy new addition of crispy FRIED CHICKEN! We know right??!

To rewind the specifics, here’s what you’re dealing with: Crunchy free-range fried chicken breast, tasty bacon, creamy brie, sweet plum sauce, free-range BurgerFuel aioli and salad fresher than most of the routines in Bring It On Again.

Unlike most re-makes, it’s a real great time – but it won’t be around for long so get quick and vote with your stomachs. We’re not saying we’d ever swap out the original Bacon Backfire completely but if you’d like to see a fried chicken burger on the menu permanently, you know what to do WINK WINK NUDGE

If you're a fan, then order your fix HERE for a limited time!

Allergen information:

The Bacon BackFRYER chicken breast crumb contains soy, dairy and gluten and the chicken breast is not halal.

For more information, go to our allergens information and downloadable table HERE