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So what's with the cars man?

Posted by BurgerFuel

OK, so here’s the short answer to the often asked question, 
“What’s with the cars man?” 

“hey man, Burgers and cars go together right?”

BurgerFuel was founded in 1995 by a motorcycle gearhead named Chris, hence the engine theme in our early architecture and in store design. That theme also appealed to this car guy Johnny and a group he hung out with called the 'Scroungers' who frequented the Ponsonby store in those early days. When Johnny met Chris it was like, “Hey man, burgers and cars go together right?” Of course, they always have! And just like that, Chris gets Johnny building street machines and classics, painting them in BurgerFuel colours and turning up to car events all over the country to preach the good word of BurgerFuel. 

A match made in heaven

That all started back in the 90s and since then many other petrol heads and car-nuts have joined the BurgerFuel family, where they carry on the tradition of serving up the world's best tasting burger. These guys are known as our franchisees and as well as being your favourite local burger flipper, they also own a classic or Muscle car that lets people know there is a BurgerFuel in town. These very special rides are the transport of choice for these very discerning lovers of fine burgers. Our franchisees can be seen driving their custom cars in almost every town where there is a BurgerFuel and Johnny continues to build those cars for them to this very day.

So to answer that question, well it’s a match made in heaven obviously. Cruising down the road in a custom car to your favourite burger joint to get your fix and hang out with like-minded people, what could be more fun?

Yeah, burger lovers and car people have gone hand in hand since the burger was invented and at BurgerFuel, we’d like to think we're just carrying on that old tradition of having fun at the same time as doing what we love.