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Touch down in Christchurch

Posted by Creative, Sweet

I had a quick trip down to our new BurgerFuel Sydenham store in Christchurch, in which I had allowed myself a decent amount of time to go down there, get a coffee, take in all Christchurch has to offer, talk some banter to the builders and take my time with BurgerFuel Sydenhams new store mural. Unfortunately fate wouldn't let that happen, my first flight down was cancelled, my second flight was delayed and we were held up in the Christchurch airport because there was no where to park the plane. With all this, it narrowed my painting time down to 2 hours, not impossible, but not logical either. I mananged to get it done in time, and back on a plane back to Auckland in which we were then hovering in the sky for an extra 30 minutes because there were thunder storms at the Auckland airport. Word.