As long as the burger has existed, so too has the problem of the filling falling all over those eating them.

A crazy BurgerFuel maniac spent many a long drive around NZ trying to come up with a solution. Piloting his 1982 Civic Honda-matic (the only car he’s ever owned that could do 100kph in first gear) up and down the winding roads, he survived on a steady diet of burgers.

Driving and eating, eating and driving, he would often arrive at BurgerFuel HQ wearing more of his meals than he was managing to consume. Something had to change.

Using napkins and an assortment of office stationery, he began designing and testing various early configurations of what is now known as the Doofer. More than 1000 burgers later the BurgerFuel team of mad burger scientists had perfected what became the original Doofer. A few years later in 2014, the Doofer 2.0 was born, the angels sang (hark!) and gourmet burger eating got even sweeter.

The BurgerFuel Doofer – a world first, magic piece of burger holding, folding cardboard genius that reduces the juices to keep your outfits looking sexxxaaaaay!