Pure Ingredients


You deserve nothing less than the best. That's why we leave no stone in our relentless quest for the freshest, most pure, natural ingredients we can get our hands on. It's also why we make sure that your meal is made to order, when you order, and prepared with the utmost care, preparation, and burger making respect. 

BurgerFuel is committed to using only cage-free eggs in all markets it operates in. However, in some parts of the Middle East region, supplies are not always available. Accordingly, when cage free eggs cannot be guaranteed, we remove those burgers containing eggs, from the menu. In this way, BurgerFuel customers can be reassured that only burgers containing cage-free eggs will be will be made available.


With no added extras, binders or fillers

We use 100% pure grass fed beef, 'smashed juicy' fresh to order for that pure, juicy, mouth-watering caramelised goodness. A unique fistful of flavour, crafted to perfection for the ultimate hard core burger fix.

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No enhancements, just real fresh succulent breasts

We serve only fresh, real, delicious chicken breast that's lean and high in protein. Free from fillers, processing and additives, it's butterfly cut and grilled to perfection for ultimate flavour.

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Don't mess with vegetarians. The animals are safe. Humans not so

Our delicious vegetarian patties, vegan patties and Motobites are specially cooked on a completely separate surface for ultimate vege status. We reckon they taste so good, they'll make even the most carnivorous meat lover jealous. 

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We don't add extra sugar to our buns. So they go off naturally. No sugar bun laden here

Healthy, wholemeal, dairy free and made with no sugars or preservatives. Light, fluffy, good for you and delivered fresh daily. 

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Fresh natural aioli. Just another taste. Just another hit. Addiction made daily​

Our creamy BurgerFuel Aioli is considered to be so addictive even we're shocked at what some people will do for their next fix. 

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Batch brewed tomato relish naturally aged so the acid drops and the sweetness hops

Our sweet, tomato relish is crafted using whole fresh fruit and vegetables, selected herbs and natural spices. Naturally sweet and aged to perfection.

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Crisp clean iceberg love lettuce straight from our heart till the day we die

Juicy red ripe tomatoes, washed, dried and ethically slaughtered daily

Crunchy red onion rings tearfully tortured in store daily

Whole ripe avocado sliced by the dozen, smashed for your lovin'. Everdaywegethammered.com