Investing in You

When you work in a BurgerFuel store, you'll get more than hospo experience, a sweet uniform and the chance to eat amazing burgers on the daily. You’ll be joining a family of over 800, with a Head Office that is focused on providing support and development, with positive values and a great culture at the heart of everything we do.

BurgerFuel side-steps the mainstream and approaches our systems and training in a way that is unlike anywhere else. We believe in investing in YOU, adding value to you as a human, with awesome programmes and opportunities to help you learn and grow, with reward & recognition thrown in along the way. Resulting in kick-ass employees who love what they do, are all in, and… make really, really good burgers.

When you don the black uniform you'll get access to...


With award-winning online training, you’ll have everything you need to learn about your new role at your fingertips - from inventory management and rostering, to learning how to stack a burger, whip up a mean thickshake, or clean like a boss. Consistently updated, to keep you up-skilling, our e-learning modules are super interactive and engaging. We’ve basically gamified the shit out of it, with you in mind, so it’s fun, easily navigated and user friendly.


The customer’s experience is paramount. Ensuring the customer journey is epic from start to finish, is every staff member’s role, whether you’re working the front of house, or prepping out back. We have an outstanding customised customer service programme designed just for BurgerFuel and delivered bespoke and one-to-one, to your store. This training will teach mindfulness, effective communication and you’ll develop (or enhance) a customer first approach to everything you do. The training will bring you together as a team and give you a common goal on how you want the customer to feel when leaving your store. Plus it’s fun, bonus.



We believe that every store should have a connection to their community. Our franchisees and staff live and work in their own communities, so it's important we give back on a local level as much as we can. You'll get access to Local Store Marketing training, learn how to make business connections, build relationships within your community and learn basic marketing skills. Our LSM teams create great bonds with each other and people, activate and work at events and can really generate business for their local BurgerFuel store.


At BurgerFuel we are constantly releasing Limited Edition burgers and sides. Which means you and your crew, on top of your core kitchen training, get the chance to learn new cooking techniques (hello sous vide bag) all year round. You'll get to create and try the new limited time offerings as a group, be exposed to different and trending flavour profiles (we've done things like Pūhā, plant-powered proteins aka alternative meat, charcoal buns, native smoothies and more) and on top of it all, it keeps the menu different, with something new launching every month, you will be exposed to awesome new items on the reg!