Mini buns and small size fries for mini ones and small size guys


When you’re young all you need to worry about is having fun. So when it comes to the cheeseburger kid’s meal we wanted to keep it simple and delicious. This delectable morsel is made for your little monster to devour because we use 100% pure grass fed beef, the freshest wholemeal buns (with no added sugars) and fresh natural sauces.

We serve up only the healthiest, all natural, thick cut spud fries which come in prefect serving sizes for your own little spud to munch down on - and, although we know it's hard to choose sometimes (especially as a kid) they have the choice of either natural tomato sauce or our famous natural BF aioli to go with their golden crunchy fries!


Our kid's natural nugget meal, is made up from two all natural, pure grilled skinless chicken tenderloins (shhh the kids will never know they are healthy) and our delicious Spud Fries.

We’re all about keeping our food natural and wholesome for the UAE's future, so we avoid using any additives or preservatives making you and your kid happier and healthier. Did we mention you get a wicked surprise with each meal? 

We use only the healthiest, all natural, thick cut spud fries and sprinkle them with minimum salt, yet still getting maximum flavour. They are served with the choice of natural tomato sauce or our famous natural BF aioli!


We know that running around after the little tykes/terrors (whatever you want to call them today) can be taxing, so when it comes to putting the best fuel in their teeny, tiny human engines, we want to make it reeeeeaaaaaaaaal easy for you. That's why we only provide fresh, wholesome, healthy kids meals made with the very best ingredients that also taste great - because we know that if they feel good, you'll feel good too, which is a lot better than the alternative, which doesn't even bear thinking about.

Take our kids chicken burger meal for example. Pure, delicious chicken tenderloins, our natural BF aioli (we're yet to find a kid that doesn't like it) lettuce, sweet relish and soft wholemeal buns. Served with Spud Fries and a kids drink, these meals have been putting smiles on kids-sized dials since ages ago.