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Every month, we’ll be shouting burgers to the legends among us who give back to their community, or help people in need, in some meaningful way.

This month, we want to shine a light on a very special charity that endeavours to provide gifted holiday experiences to people (and their friends and families) experiencing terminal illness. The exceptional folk at TimeOut facilitate a bunch of generous Kiwi holiday home owners to share their retreat/abode/beach shack and give the recipients an opportunity to take some time out, connect with those closest to them, create lasting memories and spend precious time together. 

TimeOut was founded by Ronda Amende back in 2016. Diagnosed in 2013 with terminal cancer, Ronda was offered a holiday home on the hills around Lake Taupo, taking her and her family away from the stresses and heaviness of her illness. After 3 years of Chemotherapy, Rhonda battled cancer into remission and was determined to find ways to help others suffering terminal illness and provide the same kind of respite she experienced in Taupo.

Today, TimeOut now has 115 holiday homes around New Zealand to offer to people with terminal illnesses and their family and friends.

As a thank you for making a difference to people’s lives, we’ll be feeding the legends at TimeOut, Ronda and her support team of volunteers, but also, the 115 legends who have generously offered up their special places for such an incredible cause.

Cheers Legends, the burgers are on us.


Signed, sealed, delivered. Ronda personally sending out BurgerFuel vouchers to every holiday home donor

Think you can help? If you’re interested in becoming part of this epic community of holiday home donors, or know someone who owns a holiday home, help spread the word and get in touch with the team at TimeOut at www.timeoutnz.org