Hello, BurgerFuel Pt Chev

Posted by BurgerFuel

In the midst of a global pandemic and fresh out of lockdown, not many business owners would be ballsy enough to open a brand spanking new store. But franchisees Mark and Harvey are two smooth operators that know they’ve got a winner in store No. 57 for this Kiwi brand! Our slickest looking store yet, BurgerFuel Pt Chev is open and cranking fresh gourmet burgers for the locals.

It’s full on celebration mode for this franchisee duo, two high school mates who took over BurgerFuel Parnell in November 2018. Mark used to work on the Operations team for BurgerFuel HQ, so his operational knowledge is next level. While Harveys background in teaching means that connecting with staff and interacting with customers is second nature to him. These guys run a tight ship, are 100% hands on and work in both stores around the clock.

“It’s exciting to see Mark and Harvey take on their second store. They hit the ground running with Parnell, proven through 18 months of operational excellence”, says BurgerFuel Country Manager, Jason Lowery. “It’s a promising opportunity for them both and a chance to develop a strong and loyal following in the Pt Chev community”.

The new store is a standout, located on Great North Road amongst a collection of shops on the western fringe of central Auckland. Striking Creative, Sweet graffiti artwork pops on the walls as you enter, with a not-so-subtle nod to local league team, the Pt Chev Pirates.

Mark and Harvey are super pumped to build local partnerships at a grass-roots level, from sports teams, to schools and businesses. "It’s really exciting, we both have a really strong tie in to this community”, Hughes states. “Harvey lives in the area, with his kids in the local school and I bought my first house just down the road. It makes it that much more sentimental and important for us to open here, we truly believe this area is up and coming and will do great things."

BurgerFuel Pt Chev: 1/1104, Great North Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland | 09 815 0588 | Sun – Thurs: 10am – 10pm| Fri - Sat: 10am – 11pm