We've got the answers to your F#%king Awesome Questions. 


What should I do if an item has been missed from my order?

This really sucks and we are super sorry! We try to be as accurate as possible but sometimes mistakes do happen. We will of course make this right - give the store a call and speak to the manager or pop back in and they’ll fix you up!

I accidentally placed my online order at the wrong store, what can I do?

In the first instance give the store you accidentally ordered from a call, and ask them to cancel your order and you will need to place a new order with your chosen store. If you cannot get through to the store via phone, please contact us via our feedback form ad someone in our HQ team will get back to you inside office hours. 


I used to be able to customise my burger online but I can't anymore, why not?

We’ve had to restrict certain modifications on online ordering as multiple modifications were really slowing down the kitchen and this was affecting the speed that everyone got their burgers – which isn’t ideal for anyone, and not fair on those who don’t customise their burgers. The most popular modifications are still available online and all modifications can still be requested in store when you order – so if we can’t sort your favourite customisation online anymore, our counter staff will be able to help you out! Sorry for any inconvenience – burger modifications were defo built for flavour, but sometimes not speed and our goal is to get the gourmet burgers out as fast, and tasty as possible.


Looking for Nutritional Information?

When it comes to nutritional information, we know that everyone needs to fuel their own human engines in different ways, so click here to get more info on our Burgers, Fries & Nutrition. To get the specifics, make sure you click into each individual burger.

Are your gluten free buns vegan?

Our gluten free buns are not vegan as they do contain egg whites, but we do offer a low-carborator burger option where we ditch the buns and turn your burger into a turbo-salad-charged, iceberg lettuce taste explosion - and we 10/10 recommended this modifier for any of our vegan burgers! For more info about our burgers and buns, head to our allergens chart here.

Is your beef and chicken Halal?

They sure are! BurgerFuel has ensured that high-quality meat products are strictly halal certified. This includes our beef patties and chicken. Our cheddar, parmesan, pineapple and avocado also all come from halal approved suppliers. Other products on our menu are not halal certified but can be ordered at your discretion. 

By letting our friendly front of house staff know, you can halalify your very own gourmet burger to suit your needs. We’re happy to cook your favourite burger separately to our burgers and use fresh, clean utensils each time to avoid cross-contamination with non-halal products but please be aware that our stores and food are not halal in the strictest sense as we do have other products on our menu are not halal certified.

I have specific dietary requirements and would like to know the exact breakdown for...

Check out our Allergens chart here or if you need more info then head to our feedback form with any questions and we'll get back in touch!


What is VIB?

VIB is our Very Important Burger Connoisseur  programme, where you get access to the best BurgerFuel deals, competitions and BurgerFuel news. One of the many perks is a free birthday burger BUT we also have other awesome deals for your eyes only, because no one gets better deal than BurgerFuel VIB. Become a VIB!

How do I get lucky on my birthday with a free birthday burger?

To get a free birthday burger you have to sign up to our awesome VIB (Very Important Burger Connoisseur) programme.

One of the many perks is a free birthday burger BUT we also have other awesome deals for your eyes only because no one gets a better deal than a BurgerFuel VIB! Make sure you sign up sooner rather than later though, we aren't able to give people a birthday burger who sign up on or the day before their birthday -  computer says no :(

BurgerFuel reserve the right to change or discontinue this offer at any time.

How do I redeem my birthday burger?

Head in to your nearest store - that's right, you can redeem your birthday burger at any BurgerFuel NZ Wide! Show your VIB Birthday email along with your photo ID to one of our crew members (don't worry, we won't judge your 5th form haircut or eyebrows) and ta-da! 

p.s. You VIB Birthday Burger isn't available with any other offer.

Don't have your email yet? Check your junk mail or the settings on your email provider and make sure we are a trusted sender.

Do you sell gift vouchers? I want to get some for my mate/mum!

We haven’t mastered the ultimate BurgerFuel Gift Card yet, but you can tell them about our VIB programme and get them to sign themselves up to become a BurgerFuel VIB  for all the good stuff, plus they get a free burger on their birthday!

After all, the only thing that’s better than BurgerFuel is free BurgerFuel, so we reckon you’re a pretty sweet mate for wanting to hook up your friends and family with some delicious burgers!


Can you guys please sponsor my team/school/event?

Our sponsorship programme is locally run, meaning each store is responsible for their own local community in terms of events, sponsorship and support. Please visit your local store and the store manager will assist you!


Can you guys cater my small/large event?

Our stores like to support local events and businesses where they can, so depending on the size of your catering order they might be able to help out! Pop into your local store and see what they can do.

If you're after our glorious container kitchen, we have a limited calendar - but if you think your public event or festival could fit into that then please head to our feedback form and let us know all the details.