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Own your own and d(r)ive into franchising with BurgerFuel. We can imagine that you have a lot of questions and would like to scroll through some of the detail before getting in touch. If that sounds like you – pop over to our Group website that really hones in on the detail of franchising a BurgerFuel store. You will also be able to learn a bit more about the BurgerFuel Group and to get a glimpse of a couple of other cool brands that we have under our hood.  

To pursue the goal of owning your own BurgerFuel head to the BurgerFuel Group website or click the following direct links (which will take you to the Group website, don't fear, it's still us!):

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Behind every BurgerFuel store, there is a community and a team of staff that make your experience epic. To hear a bit about the franchise journey from our current franchisees please see the BurgerFuel Group Blog or to stay on the BurgerFuel website - click on the images below. Whilst you are here, if you want to learn more about the day to day of BurgerFuel, our historyour peopleour menu or find out about what’s going on in the World of BurgerFuel right now, have a look around this website - maybe even order yourself some lunch.... after all - life is too short to eat bad burgers.

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