Since ’95, the BurgerFuel brand was built with heart at the core and we established the Enviro-mental programme, to ensure we kept the planet in mind as we grew.

We were pioneers in developing packaging that took the environment into consideration, our stores sent away their old chippy oil so it could be turned into Bio Diesel and since ages ago, we’ve been collecting our billboard skins and re-purposing them into useful items, like beanbags and laptop bags.

Over the more recent years, we have worked to reduce the number of packaging items needed for customers that dine in or takeout (no one needs bags, within bags, within bags). Of the 80% of our customers that choose to take their BurgerFuel feed away, we wanted to ensure that all of our food packaging can be disposed of responsibly - recycled or composted at home or at a commercial composting facility.

We know we have a long way to go and ongoing improvements to make, but we are committed to continue finding ways to lessen our impact on the environment. 

We believe in authenticity and transparency, so watch this space for exciting developments as we continue on our sustainability journey….



Designed with the ultimate burger eating experience in mind, we designed a burger box that keeps your burger hot, looking like it does on the advertising and has a built-in burger-holding doofer to catch all those juicy juices.

Made from sustainable resources, with PEFC (Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification), the ZippyBox is recyclable, compostable and bio-degradable. To compost at home, simply rip up the ZippyBox into small pieces, no larger than your little finger. Speed up the decomposition process by soaking the cardboard in water with a bit of natural liquid detergent.

The introduction of this guy means that our old faithful doofers will only be needed for assisting you when you dine in, or for devouring your fave mini burger. That’s a reduction in around 3 million doofers produced each year.


All of the packaging you see here is made from sustainable resources and is recyclable and commerically compostable.

Our various sized takout bags and mini burger bags are made from sustainably and ethically sourced paper and are unlined.  

Our sides and chippy cartons are all made from paper board sourced from large reputable mills with sustainable and ethical forestry practices.

Our shake cup lid is paper, made from 100% paper pulp and our shake cup holders too are made from moulded recyclable paper board (so can be recycled or commercially composted).

Our napkins are sourced from Innocent packaging, who only use recycled or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) materials and our clam shell box, that holds your LowCarb burger, is made from reclaimed and rapidly renewable sugarcane fibers.


Some of our packaging can only be commercially composted at one of the nine industrial facilities or three community facilities that accept compostable packaging in NZ.

Our shake cup is PLA lined and made from FSC certified materials and our straws, aioli punnets and lids are also made from PLA (Polylactic Acid or ‘Bioplastic’).

Our Skewers that hold your fave burger together when you dine in are made from bamboo, a renewable resource.

Find a commercial composting facility near you HERE.

From time to time, we have leftover ingredients remaining from a burger, side or thickshake special promotion. We endeavour to always ensure these are not wasted and work with various organisations such as Everybody Eats, Kiwi Harvest and City Missions to get any surplus foods to people in need. 

Please contact us at if you are an organisation that would like to be added to our list!

As part of our grand master plan to ensure BurgerFuel and our customers are responsibly disposing of any BurgerFuel packaging and trash in general, we know the first cab off the rank needs to be in our own stores. We intend to convert as many in-store bins (in our kitchens and dining rooms) as we possibly can, to circular waste solutions. 

Check out our first bin conversion at BurgerFuel Ponsonby! With signage to help guide you, we are calling on all of our awesome Ponsonby customers to help us make a difference and divert as much trash from landfill as we possibly can.

This is all thanks to our good mates at Supertrash and We Compost, part of Green Gorilla, Auckland’s largest non-landfill owning full spectrum waste services provider.

Please refer to the packaging section on how our packaging can be disposed of correctly.

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