At BurgerFuel Kids Ink we’re all about having fun and fueling little human engines with only the good stuff.

Our BurgerFuel Kids Ink mission is to break down the plastic toy mountains, pillow walls and gender stereotypes and harness the energy, fun, creativity and rebel spirit that is inside every BurgerFuel kid – while filling them up with healthy food that they’ll love.

Because your kids are on the go all day, they deserve only the best when it comes to meal-time. Even the most high octane kids need to stop to re(Burger)fuel. Choosing the BurgerFuel Kids Ink Cheeseburger Meal means they get the right type of fuel, filled with the highest quality ingredients and packed full of flavour – it’s the best of both worlds for your little dudes and dudettes. You won’t need to worry about their tank running on empty again soon.  The Kids Ink Cheeseburger Meal is small yet perfectly formed to keep your little monsters’ fuel gauge on full.

The Cheeseburger is packed with protein from the best quality 100% grass fed NZ beef, which is high in iron to give them an extra-energy boost. Served on a wholemeal bun with a side of freshly cooked thick cut spud fries, this option will keep them happy and fuller for longer.

And just in case you were wondering… our KIds meals are preservative and additive free.  We use fresh, clean canola oil with only the tiniest sprinkle of salt on their spud fries, wholesome, wholemeal buns and fresh, natural BurgerFuel Aioli and tomato sauce.

It’s the home of the happier meal. You’ll never see a plastic toy in our stores, your kids will be well occupied by custom BurgerFuel activity sheets – hand-drawn and designed by street artist, Haser (a big kid at heart). So bring in your little ratbags and let us feed us and entertain them, while YOU eat!





















Kairau ‘Haser’ Bradley is BurgerFuel’s resident artist extraordinaire, and when he's not working as part of our super talented Graphic Design team at BurgerFuel HQ, he is travelling around the world doing amazing pieces for both BurgerFuel and his own internationally renowned graffiti collective TMD (The Most Dedicated). Haser is a New Zealand born local artist and is one of only a handful of artists at the forefront of the graffiti and street art scene in New Zealand. He has been painting graffiti for well over a decade now and he believes he is still nowhere near his prime. 

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For over 18 years Illicit Clothing has been at the cutting edge of tattoo and street art influenced street wear and clothing. From deep within the dark recesses of Illicit HQ on Karangahape Road in Auckland, the fevered scribbles and demented mutterings of a wild-eyed madman take place in a furious and bizarre spectacle rarely seen by most in the safe outside world. Amidst the flying ink splatters and the rattling of chains the occasional glimpse of brilliance emerges from the blur that is the hands of Illicit resident creative, Dr A.K Greyskull, this is the mythical creature that produces the designs you see adorning the tees of Illicit and in the some of the Kids Ink designs seen here. We asked Dr Greyskull for further comment but he was busy sharpening his pencils with his teeth - and when he gets like this it's best he is left to his own devices, with the rest of us Illicit folks well out of his unpredictable arms reach…