Burgerfuel Christchurch. We're Open

A long awaited day for Christchurch burger addicts has arrived, with BurgerFuel’s first Christchurch store opening today in the Bush Inn Centre, Riccarton.

The Bush Inn Centre location was chosen due to the high foot traffic in the area and the large site, which has allowed BurgerFuel to install their largest number of seats out of any of their New Zealand based restaurants to date. The store will seat around 100 diners inside and out, and will feature the latest in BurgerFuel’s ‘engineered organic’ store design.

Christchurch based fans have actively campaigned to get the New Zealand gourmet burger chain to bring their famous burgers to the city through social media and other channels. Some took their BurgerFuel addiction to the next level, like Christchurch resident Mark Anderson who took to trafficking burgers home on the plane from Auckland so he could get a BurgerFuel fix in his home town. Mark comments “They’re the best burgers I’ve ever had. We use trips to Auckland as an excuse to get BurgerFuel - I bring it back and have a Bastard burger for breakfast”.

Craig Notman, General Manager of BurgerFuel New Zealand commented, “The people of Christchurch have been especially vocal in their wish for BurgerFuel to open in their town and we’re thrilled that we have brought our built fresh burgers to the city”.

The store is being opened with local franchisees Stephan Schaefer and Malte Herzhoff. Malte comments, “We’ve been working on BurgerFuel Christchurch for a long time and it is great be opening the doors. Local excitement and anticipation around the opening has been huge and this alone has given us confidence that BurgerFuel will be a welcome addition to the Christchurch community”.