BurgerFuel Opens in Kuwait

BurgerFuel Worldwide has opened their first restaurant in Kuwait, closely following the recent unveiling of their second outlet in Egypt. The move now gives the New Zealand gourmet burger concept presence in several markets in the Middle East North Africa region (MENA), including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Kuwait.

Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, largely owing to its status as the 5th largest oil producing nation. A high level of economic stability in this thriving country means it also remains resilient to external economic conditions.

Chris Mason, Founding Director of BurgerFuel, says: “It’s great to be entering another market in the MENA region. Fast casual dining is a booming industry in Kuwait and we’re excited to be able to introduce residents to our freshly built gourmet burgers”.

This first Kuwait based BurgerFuel outlet has been opened with BurgerFuel partners Al Khayyat Investments (AKI) who also operate the 11 Dubai and Abu Dhabi BurgerFuel restaurants.

Farah George Farah, General Manager of Food and Beverage at AKI, says: “We have received countless requests to open in Kuwait and we are proud to finally be able to bring our first BurgerFuel store to the country. This local support, and our success in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, gives us confidence that BurgerFuel will be well received in this prosperous environment”.

Located in the vibrant and dynamic area of Bida’a within close proximity to a major beach, the new BurgerFuel restaurant backs on to a large hotel and residential complex and is part of a busy street of restaurants attracting a high level of foot traffic.

In a cultural environment where eating out provides the main source of entertainment, BurgerFuel will be a welcome addition to the area; a popular social hub considered ‘the place to be seen’ by many young, highly affluent Kuwaitis. The surrounding suburbs also play host to a large expat population who frequent the strip to dine out. 

BurgerFuel Group CEO, Josef Roberts comments: “Despite the localised turmoil that exists in parts of the Middle East, it remains a strong and vibrant market that we can continue to develop over time. Having just returned from Dubai, I’m very confident that our early entry into this part of the world will continue to grow and deliver strong results to the group.”

BurgerFuel Worldwide (BFW) is a New Zealand gourmet burger concept and is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZAX). BFW shares are currently trading at $2.55.