A selection of all-natural BurgerFuel Thickshakes

All our shakes are blended fresh to order with the freshest, finest milk we can get our hands on – we know it’s the best because we get it delivered daily by our mate Pete from down on the farm who runs through the big green paddocks singing slow jams to his cows. Happy cows make the best milk - fact. Then we combine it with our very own all-natural BurgerFuel WHIP. 

To get it to its gloriously thick state we spin it around more vigorously than Shakira shaking her hips and finally, we add one of our five life-changing flavours; Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana, Caramel or Lime. It all comes together to make it the thickshake you have come to know and love...

Then we thought, 'well that was too easy' so we decided to make our lives a bit more complicated and to keep us on our toes, we decided to get soy milk... Ok, it was the 90's, toes weren’t invented yet. After soaking, grinding and then tasting thousands of soybeans, we were able to make our milky but not milk goodness that we serve today. Leaving smiles all round for those who don’t dig dairy.


I want more


I want more


Collected from the tears of 1,000 of the finest, hand-made, chocolate rabbits that we buy in bulk after Easter.


Hand-plucked in the dark of night, under a full moon, by naked elves and ripened to perfection under the blazing sun.


Created by top French chefs and infused with the sound of James Brown's voice to give it a little extra velvet (yip, we figured out how to do that).


Fetched from the finest crops in all the land, caressed by natures angels then peeled by their tiny little hands, it's then ready to be made into the creamiest banana thickshake flavour you will ever experience. 



With no artificial colouring or flavouring, it looks like a plain Jane, but in reality it’s a lime explosion like no other. So, suck on that!