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A lot of tree hugging went into the design of our fries box so we can show you that BurgerFuel not only makes bloody good burgers but environmentally friendly and addictive little chips too! BurgerFuel fries are officially healthier and more awesome than ever! We only use canola oil to cook our fries – no palm oil or beef tallow which, to be honest, just sound gross to us. We use thick cut chips too and sprinkle them with maximum love and minimum salt. Consumer Magazine (NZ) crowned us winner for the healthiest fries based on lowest fat and salt content. Surely that’s enough to get your chompers around our Fries and our famously addictive free range BurgerFuel Aioli, made daily.



BurgerFuel is born and bred in the NZA (New Zealand - Aotearoa) and we think that’s pretty choice. That’s why we’ve got the potato’s sweet cuzzy bro, the Kūmara, on the menu. Kūmara is just Māori for sweet potato, so don’t freak out if you’re not from Kiwi land.

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Ok, these are weird sounding, but awesome tasting. Think of it as BurgerFuel’s hard rock side that’s not rock hard inside. Cooked in canola oil which, when included in a healthy, balanced diet, is a good source of omega fatty acids. 8 crumbed pumpkin, carrot, chickpea & ginger bites come with your choice of free range BurgerFuel Lemon Aioli or Chipotle Aioli dip. Totally freaking yumbo is the phrase you’re looking for.

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BurgerFuel has been perfecting the art of the side ever since we decided to match our famously addictive free range BurgerFuel Aioli with thick cut fries. It’s been total mayhem ever since. But why stop there? We thought the world could use a delicious chicken side, that’s actually made of chicken inside. Chicken Fenders have more than twice the protein (that’s good for U), 85% less total fat, 65% less saturated fat + 95% less carbs than your average chicken nugget. They’re also 157% more fenderlicious (at least). You get 4 or 6 grilled skinless chicken tenderloins seasoned with natural sea salt, garlic & rosemary, with your choice of  free range BurgerFuel Lemon Aioli or Chipotle Aioli dip.

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In BurgerFuel style, we thought we'd served up our take on one of life's greatest pleasures. Put on your leathers, get on your bike and cruise in to meet our Southern Fried Choppers. This fried chicken goodness comes with six crispy, fried free range chicken bites coated in southern spices, cooked to perfection and doused in Sriracha and creamy BurgerFuel Aioli. Get 'em while they're hot!