Want to be in the know, before the know's even know they're in the know?

Become a Very Important Burger Connoisseur (or VIB for short since VIBC sounds like an 80s TV network) and we'll make sure you're one of the first to know when we open in the mighty USA.

There might even be an invite or two, to our not-yet-planned-but-totally-going-to-happen-and-probably-quite-wild, opening bash. We just need to sweet talk our way back into the boss's good books after the unicorn/stripper money/tequila slide/Aioli tank issue at last year's Christmas party, but don't worry guys, we've got this.

As a VIB, you'll receive exclusive, fresh-off-the-grill news, excellent banter, gourmet goodness and deals so good they'll make your eyes water

We all know there is nothing more glorious than spotting a well-welcomed email amongst the red flagged to-dos, suspicious spam from your cousin in Geneva who's always needing money, and passive-aggressive emails from the big wig in your life.

All you need to do is click below, enter your deets and then sit back and bask in the purple glow of your freshly minted, VIB status.

"No one gets a better deal than a BurgerFuel VIB"