Burgerfuel Christchurch. It's Official

BurgerFuel has announced that a site has been officially confirmed in Riccarton, Christchurch and a BurgerFuel restaurant is on its way.

BurgerFuel CEO Josef Roberts announced the company’s plan to launch their first store in the South Island at the recent BurgerFuel AGM. This store will mark the first step into the South Island for BurgerFuel and the end of a long wait by Christchurch based BurgerFuel fans who have not hesitated to make their desire for a locally based BurgerFuel store known.

The brand has been inundated with requests via email, Twitter, Instagram and several Facebook groups set up over the years with the sole purpose of bringing BurgerFuel to Christchurch. These passionate BurgerFuel campaigners will be ecstatic to find out that the wait is almost over to enjoy New Zealand’s burger in their hometown.  

Craig Notman, General Manager of BurgerFuel Australasia commented "We’re thrilled and excited for the first South Island store to finally be opening in Christchurch. This is the first of many BurgerFuel stores we plan to open in this part of the country and the beginning of another very exciting chapter for the brand”.

BurgerFuel has been planning to expand into Christchurch for a number of years and the long wait has been due largely to their commitment to finding the ideal site, and suitable franchisees. The store is being opened with local franchisees Stephan Schaefer and Malta Herzhoff who have been residents of Christchurch for many years.

BurgerFuel Worldwide Ltd (BFW) is a NZAX listed company and is part of the exclusive NZ Trade & Enterprise Beachheads Programme designed for high-growth NZ companies. BFW shares are currently trading at $1.60.