Burgerfuel Launches Its Own Radio Station 25 July 12


Wednesday, 25th July 2012

In another BurgerFuel world first, New Zealand's very own gourmet burger company has launched its own radio station – Radio BurgerFuel. BurgerFuel will no longer just be exporting Kiwi beef and beetroot burgers to the world, but pumping out tasty beats from its Kiwi roots as well.

A seemingly strange move for a burger company seems strangely fine for a company like BurgerFuel which is known for its creativity and love of music.  Radio BurgerFuel is now broadcasting live and ad free throughout the BurgerFuel network of stores in New Zealand and will soon be expanded internationally to stores in Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and upcoming territories in Qatar and Egypt.

BurgerFuel beats are also available online at www.radioburgerfuel.com for takeout listening at home or work.

BurgerFuel Marketing Manager, Alexis Lam, says "this allows us to ensure our music content fits with our brand and tracks can be ramped up or down depending on the time of day or night. The ambience in any BurgerFuel store is important to us and our customers. We want to amplify this part of the customer experience.”

The project came about when BurgerFuel CEO Josef Roberts and partner Chris Mason decided that more emphasis had to be placed on in-store music quality and consistency. Roberts the founder of Red Bull Australasia, said he wanted to build on the concept that “music is the one thing the whole world listens to.” He started the Red Bull music academy in 1998 by building the first Red Bull DJ studio in the world and also wants Radio BurgerFuel to resonate with both the music scene and its customers.

Roberts and Mason both have a love of big sounds and they wanted to not only retain this culture in BurgerFuel, but increase it as the brand went global.

“We wanted a platform where we could plug international DJ’s and even bands into any of our stores worldwide and stream it to our customers. People come to BurgerFuel not only for the best burgers but because they like our energetic atmosphere. Our stores are our temples and burgers are our religion” says Mason.

Lee Densem, the resident ‘Minister of Sound’ at Radio BurgerFuel adds “We don't have the pressure of selling advertising so we can make Radio BurgerFuel all about the music. We make the music for our customers, it’s part of the experience.”

Radio BurgerFuel has its own purpose built studio in Grey Lynn, Auckland. This new designer ‘radio kitchen’ has a classic solid stainless steel bench topped with the latest Pioneer DJ equipment to cook up the hottest mixes. There is the all important refrigeration from Red Bull and of course no kitchen is complete without supplies - in this case egg cartons, of the free-range purple soundproofing variety.

BurgerFuel has received great support from the music industry in New Zealand with both artists and labels backing it. Radio BurgerFuel will help to foster up and coming talent by providing a creative platform for worldwide exposure.

BurgerFuel Worldwide Ltd (BFW) is a NZAX listed company. Its shares are currently trading at $1.10.

Click here to listen to Radio BurgerFuel now