Burgerfuel Opens 5th Restaurant In Saudi

After announcing store opening season, BurgerFuel has opened a fifth store in Saudi Arabia, located in the Sahara Mall, in the King Fahd Quarter of Riyadh.

This is the second store to open in Riyadh, behind the biggest BurgerFuel store to date which opened late last year, housing up to 250 burger enthusiasts and causing all kind of traffic, chaos and mayhem in the city as locals flocked for one of the famous  burgers during opening week. The store introduced the capital to the unique gourmet burger concept and impressed thousands with its fresh and tasty menu all the way from New Zealand. BurgerFuel has 5 stores trading in Saudi Arabia, with 3 trading in Riyadh’s neighbouring region, the Eastern Province.

The BurgerFuel store in the Sahara Mall is its own restaurant with private seating and dining facilities, which sits alongside 180 other shops, a giant 3 thousand square metre supermarket, a playground, fountains, waterfalls and gardens. BurgerFuel is the perfect place for all ages to dine-in or takeaway, including young families with Kids Meals on the menu – there’s no better place to re-fuel with something fresh and fast while shopping in the mall.

BurgerFuel is set to continue its expansion so expect to see more of the famous blue and purple wings pop up in the Middle East.  

BurgerFuel Worldwide Ltd (BFW) is a NZAX listed company and is part of the exclusive NZ Trade & Enterprise Beachheads programme designed for high-growth NZ companies. BFW shares are currently trading at $1.60.