Lunch Date: Burgerfuel Ellerslie

Tuesday 5th June 2012

It is an undeniable truth that there is nothing better than a good burger.

This is a truth that we all take quite seriously in our office, so the eating of burgers takes place with an alarming frequency.

To honour our love for said burger, this week's review is our local Burger Fuel in Ellerslie.

I know there is nothing new about Burger Fuel, the highly successful franchise has been around for the last decade or so, but the team at Ellerslie consistently serve up great burgers and so deserve a mention.

For the uninitiated the menu at Burger Fuel is divided into sections based on the type of meat you want  and the size of burger you are after. They also do chips, kumara fries and shakes along with other sides. Prices vary from $15 at the upper end and $5 at the lower, and sides cost around $5-6.

As a vegetarian, I love the fact that there is a bit of variety on the menu for those non-meat eaters amongst us, although I can never go past a Beetnik  - a perfectly sized burger complete with veggie pattie and heaps of beetroot.

The Beetnik I consumed on my latest visit was hot and fresh and exceptionally tasty. There was a great amount of salad in the burger, delciious relish and a perfectly cooked veggie patty.

Although I didn't get chips, my lunch date did and the ones I stole were hot and salty and disappeared way too quickly.

It seems there's a Burger Fuel in just about every neighbourhood these days and that's no bad thing.  The standard does vary between stores, but on the whole they deliver a fast, tasty and fairly healthy lunch for a very reasonable price.

If you work in Ellerslie, I recommend you add them to your lunch list, you won't be disappointed.