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BurgerFuel Flash Backs Tattoo Studios

What's Vegas without spontaneous things like marrying the girl you just met, going all in with your rent money on the roulette table, pretty girls and waking up the next morning with a slight burning sensation on your skin that resembles a tattoo, and is in fact an actual tattoo you never wanted but got anyway, but don't remember, but freaked out and now you wear long sleeves to every family occasion. Insert BurgerFuel Flash Backs Tattoo Studios, BurgerFuel teamed up with Tattoo parlour Memory Lane Tattoo Studio and tattooer Earnest Bradley to offer free BurgerFuel flash tattoos to those willing to free up some skin. It was a great night and so far no regrets. Keep an eye out for the next BurgerFuel Flash Backs Tattoo Studio pop up shop.