BurgerFuel Piha Boaties X B.A.D

Posted by Piha Boaties

After a solid winter recovery, we Piha Boaties have been locked into training regimes over the past 2 months to prep for another massive season!

It was a big week last week for the Piha Boaties crew, we kicked off the weeks training in the BurgerFuel Athletic Department by completing a 777 workout (7 exercises, 7 reps, 7 rounds) and a massive effort was put in from everyone that came along. This is the first of 5 sessions we will have at B.A.D, a serious amount of blood pump, sweat and grind was thrown at this session which gives us the building blocks for strength and power on the water. Each session we will be stepping up another level to gauge how our fitness is improving every month between now and Nationals in March 2019. 

For our two Open Women's crews, after B.A.D and 2 erg sessions, they packed up their boats and headed to Whangamata for a big training weekend. Despite the pouring rain and choppy 2-3ft swell, training conditions were epic. In between torrential downpours, we were able to squeeze in 3 really awesome training sessions - 2 sessions on Saturday in the surf working on starts, sprints off the beach, turns and chasing runners and 1 session in the sheltered harbour on Sunday morning working on jumps starts and leg drives. This was a hugely beneficial weekend away for the girls and an awesome way to bond with their crew. A big shout out Jean-Paul, Cedric & Chris for their time, wisdom and insight into what it takes to win and of course a big thanks to Josh from the BurgerFuel Athletic Department for taking us boaties for an epic sweat session! 

We are building into our first carnival on the 8th of December which also coincides with the NZ Team Trial which our Piha Black Pearls are training their guts out for. There is still a strong week of work to be done but nothing will be left behind.

Cheers to the crew at BurgerFuel for always looking after us and giving us the support to do what we love all summer long. You fuel our human engines on and off the water and give us the power we need to win! 

We're all looking forward to the next B.A.D session! 

Cheers, Piha Boaties