BurgerFuel USA Opening Week Antics

Posted by BurgerFuel

It's not every day that we take New Zealand's original gourmet burger to the USA for the first time, so when we hit opening week in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis we knew we had to throwdown a good-and -proper, BurgerFuel style, week-long house party to introduce ourselves to the neighbours. 

Our in-house graffiti artist, Haser, was in town painting murals all over the show and our very own DJ's from Radio BurgerFuel were on the ground sorting the soundtrack for the week. Our custom built, classic BurgerFuel Muscle cars AKA 'The Evil Twins' got a real good spit'n' shine before we unleashed them on the streets in all their glory and there were a few fresh fades in commission too. Chuck all of that in the pot with a wicked Kiwi-American crew + enough beer and burgers to sink an overloaded cruise ship, and we're pretty sure everyone had themselves a real good time. 

Memories may be blurry, but photos, tattoos and and reviews last forever.
Check out the highlights (the ones we were allowed to share) below: