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Chow Down : 026 Scizzorhands

Posted by Scizzorhands

Welcome to Episode 26 of our weekly guest mix - The Chow Down - curated by me, Scizzorhands. Each week, I'll bring you a different DJ as we travel all over the world, across loads of different genres.

Ok now I don't even now how to introduce this weeks guest.. because this weeks guest is none other than myself. So let's talk quickly about what makes me tick instead. 

In 2005 I bought my first pair of turntables and began to learn how to mix and scratch. In the beginning, I was spending all the money I made on records to learn and play with. Having bought CDs for years, this forced me to re-buy a lot of albums and songs I already owned. In 2007 I purchased Serato and started collecting MP3s and digital music files. When buying records, I realised I was diggin in nothing but the hip-hop bins. Once I switched to digital I stopped pigeonholing myself with "rap" music. I've always been into different styles of music and I wanted my sets to reflect this. 

Fast forward a few years. RedBull started competitions that fit what I did to a tee... So I entered and won a NZ title. Until this point, music was just a hobby. It took winning New Zealand's Red Bull 3style championship to re-light a flame that was dimming at the time. From that moment on, I started taking this music thing more seriously and it's landed me in some nice situations. I've been able to travel the globe, make some extra coin and do what I really enjoy doing. 

So when it comes to my style, I don't even think I can put a finger on it. I just play music I enjoy and add some tricky little tricks while I'm at it.. Performing live, I tend to get stupid busy and technical - I think of myself as somewhere between Gaslamp Killa and DJ Nu-Mark. I enjoy some bass, heavy mentalness and also funkiness while keeping busy on the ones and twos. Basically, I have never found I "fit in" anywhere.

So this Guest mix wasn't designed to be amazing but more of an insight to my mind and where it goes (which is 100mph in every direction). Hope you can enjoy.

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