Glamb Rock is here!

Posted by BurgerFuel

Welcome to the downhill race to Christmas, where the music is a little louder, the days are warmer, the beer tastes colder and life is just that little bit sweeter.

Before life gets hectic we’re dropping a brand new spesh, because it wouldn’t be the silly season without a tasty little holiday compilation from your old mates at BurgerFuel would it? 

This year we’re bypassing the Christmas clichés and speeding straight towards a modern, fresh, festive twist on the classic lamb roast (while passing GO and collecting 200 biodegradable pottles of Aioli on the way). It’s time for Glamb Rock.

This gourmet rockstar features Canterbury lamb, smashed juicy, crunchy kumara crisps, pickled beetroot with chia seeds and miso pea mash perfectly matched with (and probably better than) your Sunday Roast staple. 

We have put all of this goodness between our artisan crafted wholemeal buns, made with nutritious pumpkin and potato flour. Pure, fresh, hand cut salad is accompanied by our free range BurgerFuel aioli and sweet batch brewed tomato relish. 

No knife and fork will be needed when sitting at this table. 

If you're a fan, then order your fix HERE for a limited time!


Allergen information:

The Canterbury lamb used in our Glamb Rock burger is halal suitable and seasoned with natural sea salt, garlic and rosemary. Kumara crisps are gluten free, vegan and vegetarian suitable and the miso pea mash contains pine nuts.

For more information, go to our allergens information and downloadable table HERE