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Playlist: NZ Musicians Pick NZ Music

Posted by Lee Densem

This year for NZ Music Month we thought we'd ask the musicians themselves what Kiwi tracks they are listening to. They all make damn fine tunes so we figured they must have some tasty gems hidden away on mix CDs in their cars (plus the boss said this would be "a more efficient use of work time than going through old CDs to find songs" like we originally suggested). Anywho, we'll reveal more tunes as May winds on and add them all to the spicy playlist below. You're welcome.

"We are New Zealand" - Minuit

  • Kimbra - 'Top Of The World' (picked by Yoko-Zuna)
  • Che Fu - 'Scene III' (picked by Tiki Taane)
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra - 'American Guilt' (picked by Louis Baker)
  • Southside Of Bombay - 'What's The Time Mr Wolf?' (picked by SWIDT)
  • Crowded House - 'Don't Dream It's Over' (picked by Sachi)
  • Bobandii - 'Monarch' (picked by Raiza Biza)
  • The Mint Chicks - ' Welcome To Nowhere' (picked by Bakers Eddy)
  • Marlon Williams - 'Dark Child' (picked by Theia)
  • Bailey Wiley - 'Still On My Mind' (picked by Villette)
  • Kody Nielson - 'Christopher's Birthday' (picked by Sola Rosa)
  • Darcy Clay - Jesus I Was Evil' (picked by Villainy)
  • Quinn The Human - 'Gutterfingers' (picked by Skinny Hobos)
  • House Of Shem - 'Keep Rising' (picked by King Kapisi)
  • Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie - 'Grounded' (picked by Ladi6)
  • Buuda - 'Dopamine' (picked by Bobandii)

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