Top 5 vegan ingredients

Posted by BurgerFuel

In honour of World Vegan day, we’re taking a deep dive into some of the delicious vegan ingredients that make up our life-lighting, dream-weaving, plant-based V8 Vegan burger…























1) BurgerFuel Vegan Aioli

When we got serious about making a vegan aioli we knew one thing for sure – it would have to be as good as our OG, free-range BurgerFuel Aioli to make it anywhere near our menu.

Extensive research showed us that to get the best results, we were going to have to craft our own. We lost count of how many versions we concocted along the saucy, plant-based path to greatness – but thousands of spud fries later and a side of RSI in our wrists from too much dipping -  we finally got there. Our very own, all-natural, super-vegan, plant-based aioli is made to our unique BurgerFuel recipe, with tonnes of passion (and garlic) thrown in for good measure.  It’s 100% egg, dairy and gluten free, we’re pretty stoked with the end result, and we hope you are too!

2) Miso Pea Mash

All rise for the underdog! A couple of years back we decided that it was time to bring the humble garden pea back into the spotlight and try to reverse the ongoing traumatically pea-related childhood experiences that were rendering them very underappreciated in society.

If you’re a he-man pee-hater then we reckon we can change your mind. Crafted into an artisan-style pesto and served on the V8 Vegan burger, our sweet, salty, textural miso pea mash will show you just how great peas can really taste – and because we mash 'em, there’s no chasing those little buggers around your plate.

Fun fact: When we first launched this product, we called it Shisho Pea Mash. It took a few months and some reasonably pricey menu printing before we realized that the mash contained no shisho – and, in fact, no one even knew what shisho meant. It turned out a typo had been made at some point and we’d all assumed that at least someone knew what this elusive shisho was. No customers were harmed in the making of the typo – nor did they question this exotic addition to the menu. Moral of the story? Assumption makes an ass out of me, and u, we should all learn better communication skills AND, most importantly, miso pea mash makes burgers even more delicious, no matter what you call it.

3) BurgerFuel vegan cheese

We couldn’t offer vegan aioli without vegan cheese could we? Again, months of genuinely serious taste testing lead us to our very own vegan provolone cheese that melts and tastes just like the real thing and is 100% vegan, gluten, dairy and nut free. We hadn’t actually heard of provolone cheese before we got our hands on this very legit cheesy tasting goodness, but we now know its Italian for mellow-cheese and we reckon we could all do with a bit more chill in our lives. 

4) Pickled beetroot with chia

Quite possibly one of the most polarizing BurgerFuel menu tweaks to date (and one we’re still getting a bit of shit for). Truth be told, we used to use classic kiwi-tinned beetroot which, while delicious, didn’t exactly stack up to where we wanted to be heading with our food. Clean, natural, wholesome and unprocessed is our goal – and something had to give.

Cue the arrival of our fresh raw grated beetroot, with added chia seeds to soak up the juices and stop your burger from going soggy. We think it’s delicious, and while we still get the odd email asking why we’d commit the cultural sin of removing the slices from the burger, we reckon you’ll all come around eventually. We see you, creeping back into store for your fix and we just want to let you know that health is wealth and we only had your best interests at heart.

5) Motobites

Last but not least – the mighty Motobites. We take our crunchy carrot, ginger, pumpkin and chickpea balls, fry them crispy, smash them flat and then pop them into your V8 Vegan for the ultimate deconstructed veggie patty – you can never have too many crunchy edges, right? Also available as a side, these vegan bad boys that are loved by hardcore herbivores and carnivores alike can cure most problems in life. Bad day? Break-ups? Did that awkward hi thing again? We got you boo.