Ash and Tu, A BurgerFuel Love Story

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BurgerFuel, where every form of love is found....

BurgerFuel is not only a great place to grab a burger for any occassion but also a place to find love. This month we want to celebrate the couples that fell in love, the mates that can’t be separated and anyone that sparked their story at BurgerFuel

You may recognise Ash as our BurgerFuel Fairy Springs franchisee but she also has one of the best BurgerFuel love stories there ever was.

So where did it all begin? 

Tu and I met while working at BurgerFuel, he worked predominantly at the Redwoods Store, but we needed last minute cover one day at Fairy Springs, so the boss sent him our way. Tu walked into the store confident as ever ready to get shit done as he always is, I thought he was a hottie the moment I laid eyes on him, I tried to make convo, but Tu's get-shit-done attitude kept getting In the way, he was here to do the job that paid his bills not engage in cheeky banter with me.

Tu began working more and more shifts at Fairy Springs and that's when the relationship started growing stronger, I remember doing a close shift with Tu and my boss Ryan.

Ryan said he would drop me home to not cause an inconvenience for my parents, but Tu quickly piped up "I CAN DROP ASH HOME". I walked down the hallway and Ryan called Tu back and gave him 'the word' "You are to take her straight home" *he didn't *. 

BurgerFuel was both of our first jobs, I started at Fairy Springs in April 2014 and Tu started at Redwoods in September 2015.

We both progressed from the tills to the grills into management, we were also both selected to head over to America and help with the store opening in 2017, me focusing on customer service and Tu on hotline. I worked day shifts, Tu worked night shifts so the only time we really got to see each other was at the 4pm handover (iykyk).

In 2018 we bought our first home together and decided it was time for Tu to move on and start his trade (welding and fab). I continued at BurgerFuel and ended up purchasing the store in November 2019, Tu is always the person I call for any maintenance issues or if I desperately need shifts covered. This whole journey wouldn't have been possible without having him by my side!

What is their idea of a perfect date night? 
Cosying up at home with a takeout and boardgames. 

And to make it even more special, when Ash and Tu got married earlier this year, her bridesmaids were all ex-BurgerFuel staff she met on the job. Cute! 

Check out Ash and Tu's beautiful wedding HERE.

Meet the BurgerFuel wedding party

Bridesmaid #1: Taylor - Met at BurgerFuel Fairy Springs when she started in March 2017-July 2018

Maid of Honour: Shayna - Been friends for 12 years but were brought closer when she started working at BurgerFuel Fairy Springs in July 2016-Current

Bridesmaid #2: Iysha - Met at BurgerFuel Fairy Springs when she started in August 2016-April 2018

Ash: Been involved with BurgerFuel since April 2014

Tu: started at BurgerFuel September 2015 -  March 2018, he's always been the number one supporter and jumped back in in November 2019 when Ash's whānau bought the business

Special mention to the amazing Videographer and Celebrant from Ash and Tu's wedding!

Videographer: Bad Panda Productions

Celebrant: Marena na Iripa