B.A.D. x The Ultimeatum

Posted by BurgerFuel



BurgerFuel Athletic Department, aka B.A.D, hosted five exceptional athletes in the BurgerFuel Head Office basement gym, for a sweat filled session, followed by a feed of our new burger, the UFB Ultimeatum. 

Dave Letele, Junior Fa, Huriana Manuel-Carpenter, Shardae Mitha and Amy McCully joined B.A.D master trainer, Josh Randall, for a strength & conditioning, plus cardio-based session like no other - aptly named 'Purple Reign'.

Nine rounds in total, with a combination of cardio and power. The crew smashed through three sets on the Assault Bike with dumbell push presses, three on the SkiErg with chin ups and finally, three punishing sets on the Rowing Machine alongside a barbell clean. A simple format, with copious amounts of sweat to match. 

There's nothing quite like leaving it all out there at the gym... 

After the workout, the group was duly rewarded with a freshly cooked meal from the BurgerFuel HQ secret test kitchen, in  celebration of the launch of the UFB Ultimeatum. Weighing in with 100% pure grass fed NZ BEEF, smashed juicy, slow cooked smoked…beef… BRISKET, with tasty bacon, truffle mascarpone, grated parmesan, melted cheddar, BurgerFuel Aioli, salad and our artisan wholemeal bun.