BurgerFuel HQ Masterclass

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Appreciating our Good Bastards

Fun, Fast and Loud speaks to our epic staff, unique service style and the high energy atmosphere in our stores. We strive to provide a burger experience that’s packed with loads of personality and the team work hard to deliver on that. With a focus on culture in store, the aim is always to serve fresh to order, quality burgers, quick-as, and all while having fun on shift.

We put our hand on heart when we say our burger business is built around good people. Without them, BurgerFuel wouldn’t be where we are today. Their days are often filled with early mornings, late nights, hectic rushes, and lots of prep, and still they are passionate, energetic and the comradery is on point.

So this is where the Good Bastard and HQ Masterclass comes in...

BurgerFuel HQ asks store staff to nominate teammates that have been “Good Bastards”. Nominations range from those who cover last minute shifts, bring an epic vibe, or go above and beyond. HQ then give a big shout out to these Good Bastards and enter them all in the draw to win the ultimate HQ Masterclass experience. We have hosted three HQ Masterclass’s so far and thought it was about time to shout it from the rooftops! 

Then every two months, SIX top performing staff members are randomly selected from the nomination list and flown up to Auckland, to BurgerFuel HQ. The nominees get to two chocka days, filled with:

• An all expenses paid night in Auckland
• A Social Media workshop
• A tour of the factory where we make all our sauces and aioli
Q & A and chats with the bosses
• Chauffeured around in our Classic Cars
• Get physically active with a B.A.D workout session
• A Kitchen Mastery session with Chris Mills and Paul Cusdin (that's 46+ years of combined BurgerFuel experience!)
• Lunch at Shake Out, and dinner at Winner Winner
• A tattoo workshop, where we practice with real machines… but on oranges

Masterclass # 4 was attended by Noah from Bethlehem, Nicole from Glenfield, Samantha from newly opened BurgerFuel Cambridge, Billy from Palmerston North, Bayden from Napier, and Will from Westgate



"My highlight of the masterclass was the photo shoot as it was something i've never done before and was great, fun time working together. Something that really blew my mind we’re the classic vintage cars we got to drive around in." - Samantha, BurgerFuel Cambridge

"I think that the highlight of HQ Masterclass was generally getting to have a drink and catch up with all the HQ staf and go out to dinner and have a yarn!" - Billy, BurgerFuel Palmerston North & Nicole, BurgerFuel Glenfield 

BurgerFuel Hacks

We asked for tips & tricks from the burger making experts...

"Definitely a single muscle with bacon, BBQ and jalapeños added, or choppers minus aioli but with double sriracha and BBQ on top" - Billy, BurgerFuel Palmerston North 

"The best BurgerFuel hack is getting the Choppers with a side of aioli so I can scoop up as much aioli as possible!"- Samantha, BurgerFuel Cambridge