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Cam and Kat have their hands full. With four children under 11 and four stores to run, stretching from Taupo to the Tron, they are no strangers to hard work and perseverance. Opening their first store in 2008, 12 years on, Cam is still entrenched in the daily operations of BurgerFuel’s Frankton, Rototuna and Five Cross Roads stores. BurgerFuel Taupo is run by shareholder, Cain. Previously a dedicated and driven staff member, he operates the store with enthusiasm and care, leaning on Cam for his experience and knowledge as needed.

Cam is an astute businessman, coming from a background in accounting and working abroad for many years as a lawyer. The relentless paper pushing lifestyle saw him eager to move home and he was determined to put office work behind him once and for all. In the early 2000’s he found himself in Ponsonby and with Kat being a successful banker and “bringing home the bacon,” he had time to think about his next move.

He visited the BurgerFuel Ponsonby store often, with more than just grabbing a burger in mind. He had observed the uniqueness of the brand, the great product, and was aware of the gap in the market for premium gourmet burgers at the time. He knew that this was a burger joint with legs. “That was back in the day when BurgerFuel HQ was a four bedroom flat on Ponsonby Road,” says Cam, “the landscape was very different then.”

Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of what Cam brings to BurgerFuel as a franchisee is his ability to lead a team of young employees. He provides clear expectations and direction, balanced with unwavering support. His leadership has fostered loyalty, comradery and an exceptional culture that is held up as a model that other franchisees aspire to attain. So much so, that his staff endearingly refer to the wider team as, ‘The Cam Fam’ (#Camfam). Aw!        

The concept of hospitality as a career pathway is one that Cam wholeheartedly supports and it is demonstrated when sitting in on a store manager meeting and being surrounded by a group of young people all motivated to succeed within the business and beyond. Or take the time to chat to Cain running the Taupo store and learn more about the opportunities that were put in front of him as a keen young staff member, wanting to own his own business.

“I believe that, with steady guidance and investment, you’ll get more out of your staff - giving them opportunities to grow and develop as people will not only make you feel good as an employer, but guarantee their engagement and buy in along the way.”

Under Cam’s directive, community involvement is paramount and the staff are all in. With an active promotions team, you will regularly see the Cam Fam out and about, getting amongst promoting new product launches, or activating at events and driving local brand awareness (like Waikato Uni O-weeks or BurgerFuel Cruise Nights). They keenly promote both the burgers and the pillars of the brand – car (Speed & Custom), creative (Creative, Sweet) and music (Radio BurgerFuel) culture. “I enjoy seeing my staff loving their jobs all whilst getting involved in everything else we do. We’re more than just great burgers and we love the opportunity to let customers know what we’re all about”.

Now a Hamilton local for the past four years, he’s hard to miss, owning, not one, but two BurgerFuel custom classics - a 1971 Ford Ranchero and 1969 Plymouth Barracuda (not to mention a BurgerFuel branded Trike that his staff hoon around on at events). He recommends the 4 Seasons River Run – a series of fun runs and walks in Hamilton, year-round, designed to get people outdoors and bring the community together. The perfect solution to a work/life balance when you own four burger joints.


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