Citizen Rescued Sodas

Rescued Sodas by Citizen now available at BurgerFuel!

Food-waste fighters Citizen have launched two new delicious rescued sodas... just in time for summer. 

It's the latest mission from one of New Zealand's leading and multi award-winning food rescue and upcycle organisations. Citizen is focused on rescuing and upcycling perfectly edible food that is destined for waste, and turning it into tasty, low impact food and drinks

Citizen's two latest flavours; Pink Lemonade and Orangeade, join Citizen's original rescued Cherry Cola - which is available in BurgerFuel stores nationwide.

The new sodas fit perfectly with BurgerFuel's 'enviro-mental' commitment - which sees us chipping away on initiatives from packaging, recycling, working with local suppliers and rescued LTOs such as the Wild Heart burger which was released in 2021. 

All three flavours have been developed in collaboration with BurgerFuel, all rescued wonky and weather damaged fruit (New Zealand cherries and oranges) and all taste delicious! Sip by sip, every can is a refreshing way to help fight edible food from going to waste. 

Check out the Citizen flavours in store now!

Citizen Cola - a cola like no other, with punchy flavours of rescued cherries. 

Citizen Orangeade - sweet, tart and zesty, with a refreshing burst of rescued orange. 

Citizen Pink Lemonade - light and fruity rescued cherry lemonade with a refreshing citrus zing.