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Haser's Picks | April 2020

Posted by Creative, Sweet

Every month I bring to you my favourite creative feeds from the grams, a small introduction to the artists and why I follow them.

Tim D | Photographer | New Zealand

Tim has been one of my favourite photographers for some time. Like myself, Tim comes from an urban and graffiti background, and his images are a reflection of that. The ability to capture the essence of a subculture outside of it’s context is always a difficult task. Tim has managed to do this well and has always been something I’ve admired.

Gary Stranger | Typographer | UK

Gary is one of those artists that has the word “HOW?” over everything he does. His ability to paint with such precision and perfection has been what separates him from the rest and annoys me to this day because I wish I could paint that clean.

SamRulz | Tattooer | Austria

SamRulz is another slice of New Zealand talent that blossomed and settled overseas. I always thought she was one of those artist that figured out what she needed to know and created her own lane. I was fortunate enough to get a tattoo from her during one of her yearly visits to Aotearoa for the New Zealand Tattoo Festival.

Aaron Horkey | Illustrator | USA

If someone hit me with a quick fire question on who my favourite illustrator is, it would most likely be this man here Aaron Horkey. Sometimes I’ll look at one of his illustrations for 20-30 minutes trying to break down his process but ultimately submit to the idea that some people in this world are just too good.

Horst | Graffiti Artist | Germany

In the mid 2000s, there was somewhat of a generic look between New Zealand and Australian graffiti, and then suddenly I came across this guys work. His ability to bend letters and shapes in ways that they were never meant to go has been something I have based my work on for quite some time.