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On the road again with Haser

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Earlier this year, our in-house resident artist Kairau aka HASER, decided it was time to leave the nest of BurgerFuel HQ and travel the world aka, move to London. But don't worry, we couldn't let him slip away that easily. Haser still looks after our BurgerFuel Creative, Sweet programme, and to be honest, he's/I'm writing this article. so why not see what I've been upto since taking flight.

My main reason for packing up and leaving was ultimately to see more of the world and see where I fit in. I'm hoping to build the same presence I have back in New Zealand, it's a huge task but certainly not impossible. As soon as I landed in London I started to plan my first trip outta here, my brother and I hired a car and headed north towards Dundee, Scotland to attend a graffiti jam. It's always good to meet likeminded people from the other side of the world, spray cans were sprayed and beers were drunken as Scotland endured 5 consecutive days of sun. From there we headed north to Aberdeen to meet another local graffiti artist and eventually started to head towards Wales to meet more artists and of course try and see some of the amazing landscapes along the way. From Wales we crossed back over to England as we made our way to Bristol, the capital of street art thanks to uncle Banksy. Once again, we met up with some local artists to paint a wall and converse about our differences between the street art and graffiti scenes of NZ and the UK. On the road again we headed south to Bournemouth, I think one of the most rewarding things about the street art and graffiti community is the instant bond you have with people from the other side of the planet. A few local artists from Bournemouth had organised a wall for us to paint before we made our way back to London. 

With Europe now on my doorstep I'm hoping to see and paint as much as I can, keep an eye out for more updates and don't forget to support your local artists, they might be famous one day. 

HASER - Bournemouth, England
HASER - Bristol, England
HASER - Dundee, Scotland
HASER - London, England