Creative, Sweet - Sketchup Episode. 1 with Serval Fandango

Posted by BurgerFuel

Creative, Sweet introduces, Sketchup, our new artist timelapse guest-spot for artists within the community or passing through. Providing a platform to showcase the awesome talent we come across.


Serval (aka Serval Fandango) is a graphic designer and prolific illustrator. Hailing from a freelance background, he’s worked with a diverse range of clients to bring his distinctive colourful and vibrant (‘eye candy’) flair to brand and product campaigns.

With a Bachelor of Media Design, majoring in Motion Graphics and Graphic Design, Serval is mostly self-taught and freelancing work has helped to refine his craft, not just creatively, but in a business sense. 

Growing up in a creative environment, Serval's dad used to come home with A4 blocks of paper and would draw with him. His father’s an accomplished sculptor and painter - his area of expertise was large scale murals, and he was often commissioned by local councils to create his work, which you can still find displayed publicly in places like Kaitaia. So, he always encouraged and supported Serval's creative development from a young age.

Serval’s approach has a West-meets-East-Asian feel to it and is mostly described as contemporary. His preference leans to illustrative, with bright and vibrant colours, and his core aesthetic draws influence from growing up on Anime and Comic books.

"I am always working to find the balance between commercial appeal and my personal style. It’s important to me that I retain my style, as that aesthetic is what has kept people approaching me for work." 

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