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Posted by BurgerFuel

Creative, Sweet is just our thing. It's not an attempt to show the cool kids that we’re a brand that’s current or relatable. It’s much more than that to us. It’s a movement that celebrates  the uniqueness and innovation that flows through our brand, from wordsmithing in our VIB eDMs, eye-catching murals bombed in our store interiors, the slick design work on our staff tees, to our head office basement gym where you’ll find the walls dripping in Chicano street art inspired lettering. 

We will lean towards just about any art field you can name; illustration, digital video, film, photography, creative writing – you name it, we get down with it. From the people we rub shoulders with, to the creative outputs that are being produced from inside HQ, you’ll find a melting pot of different mediums, eclectic tastes and just cool shit that we’re into, keen to try or want to support.


The BurgerFuel design department sits at the heart of Creative, Sweet and is where visionary and original work happens on the daily. 

Headed by Kelly, our Creative Design Lead, a prolific designer, skilled photographer and retoucher - not to mention a BurgerFuel OG since 2011. He studied at Unitec and achieved a Bachelor of Visual Communications, his tools of choice being Adobe Creative Cloud software – Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

Over the years he has honed his skills and gathered years of valuable experience, seeing him move from a graphic design role, to a leading role where all outgoing creative needs to meet the approval of his critical eye. 

Kelly has brought a particularly unique flavour (excuse the pun) to our special burger imagery.

He portrays a BurgerFuel burger like a hero in a movie poster. So you might notice that our burger artwork is a world away from the fast food promotional signage you will see…well, everywhere.

We don’t mean to boast, but our burger creative is next level, with attention to design detail that blows the mind. 

We have an in-house photography studio and a test kitchen just down the hall, to ensure we are capturing only the freshest burgers, hot off the grill. Meaning shoot day also involves a mean feed.

Spot the easter eggs..

Look carefully and you’ll find many hidden easter eggs in every special burger artwork. Look harder, and you’re guaranteed to find an X-rated and subtely located object, placed there just for his amusement.

Grow up, you say? Never.

Electric Pūhā: With tongue in cheek references to the devil’s lettuce peppered throughout, this piece of art was a standout and received a lot of attention. We may or may not have received a word of warning from Hobbiton Tours, due to a skunky Hobbiton house hidden in the misty background (which Kelly promptly removed, Peter, settle down). Zoom in to find a few other sup-herb references.

Neon Blackout: Our celebratory answer to supporting our boys in black during an important event, which cannot be named (but here's a clue...we didn't win). Here, the burger sits atop a high rise, looking over a Tokyo inspired cityscape, lit up with neons. Brush up on your japanese to read the neon signage, or spy some of the hidden detail in the apartment windows and stealthy figures scaling the buildings.