Credit Crunch

With the rising cost of living putting the pressure on, we thought it might be time to lighten the mood and your weekly household expenditure with a new limited time offering that’s cheap as chips.

Inspired by the humble Marmite and Chip Sammie - that happy culinary accident created once upon a time, by a time-poor queen of ingenuity (aka someone’s Mum) haphazardly throwing together a concoction of on-hand ingredients and hoping for the best. Now revered as a gastronomic masterpiece and one that deserves to be paid homage to in the form of a tasty burger. Presenting, the Credit Crunch.

100% pure grass-fed NZ beef, smashed juicy, melted cheddar and chunky, crispy Snackachangi potato chips, creamy Marmite Aioli and batch brewed tomato relish on a wholemeal bun.