Posted by BurgerFuel

It is a scrimmage that has lasted through the ages. Since the mid-90s, this Kiwi burger joint has fought valiantly for a share of your stomach against a demonic pizza rival. We decided it was time to settle this dispute once and for all and challenge this worthy opponent to a battle, Eat Fighter style.

Putting forward our fiercest competitor, the Roundhouse Ram burger, in the ultimate tussle for your tummies, this Kiwi contender is sure to double KO our round flatbread nemesis.

Going for the takedown with classic New Zealand ingredients, the Roundhouse Ram has a ground and pound of tender braised Oamaru lamb shoulder, a fresh jab of sweet mint sauce, body blows of sautéed onions and smashed crumbed pea bites. All finished off with a generous serving of fresh sliced tomatoes, batch brewed tomato relish and free range BurgerFuel Aioli

Roundhouse Ram is a challenger like no other. Hell Pizza…bring it. 


BurgerFuel is turning 25 years young in October, celebrating their 100% Kiwi heritage, and reflecting on years of side stepping the mainstream with a rebel spirited brand identity that is more than just burgers. Always full throttle by nature and serving up pure fuel in an environment that’s fun, fast and loud. Since ‘95. 

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